Scott is a Licenced Security Advisor in Victoria, licence number 818-983-61S, and also has a working with children check in the State of Victoria. We can provide a security Advice service through out the State of Victoria, although based in the Drouin/ Gippsland region only a short drive from Melbourne.

Scott worked in the Security Industry for over 15 years, learning about Patrols, Guards, Crowd Control, Cash In transit, learning a range of methods to help protect your Business and minimise your chance of a break in at your commercial premises.  Scott then used his skills to complete a Diploma of Security and Risk Management.

Are you concerned about your commercial premises being broken into ? Prevention of a break in is better than a break in occurring, one of the worse things of a break in is the damage they cause whilst breaking in, or the disruption they cause to your trading whilst repairing everything.

Scott can help you with your Security Assessments of your commercial premises. I work with clients of all sizes of businesses, from small to large.

Scott can assist you with your Risk Management Assessment and Plans.

Scott can assist you with your Emergency Management Plans.

Scott can assist you with your Business Continuity Plans.

If you own a Business which uses Security Staff, Security Patrols, Crowd Controllers, but are not sure on how to set up your Security plans, the staff at SGH Business Services can assist you with this, we understand the security terminology and can help you with your site briefs etc to ensure you are getting the best value out of your security staff/ arrangements.

Please check out the SGH Business blog site, on general security advice,

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