The team at SGH Business Services can help you with your training needs.

We can perform a Training Needs Analysis, and ascertain what training needs to occur within your Business.

We introduced business courses in 2020. We will continue to develop further courses based on the needs of the public, and business owners.

If you want to learn about Business Plans, Business Continuity Planning, Bookkeeping/ Account systems, HR or sales Systems, then check out these courses listed below.

They are great courses for people looking at an introductory angle and starting their business.

Course Information.

Course Name: Introduction into Business Systems
Sales System
Account System
Human Resource System
Quality Assurance Systems
Special Price $ 55.00
Course Name:  Introduction into Business Plans
Business Plan
Marketing Plan
Financial Plan/Budget
Business Continuity Plan
Succession Plan
Recruitment/ Workforce Development Plan
 Special Price $ 95.00
Course Name: Introduction into Starting a Business
Where to Start
Resources Available
SWOT- Strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threat
Business Plan
Business Owner Assistance
Introduction into Insurance
Market Research
Introduction into Budgets
Special Price $ 95.00


Business Owners Course


Profile the market

Analyse consumer behaviour

Budget and forecasts

Employment and Industrial relations


Promote product or services

Prepare Financials

Team effectiveness.


$450 –  Introductory price $295






If you have another course or subjects you are looking for, please email us and let us know, and we will source the course for you.