Business Plans

The team at SGH Business can help you with any of your Business plans.
Whilst we might be based in Victoria, we can assist clients all over Australia with their plans.

We can either write them for you, or as preferred we can guide or facilitate your team through the process of writing your plans. We can review your Plan for you if you wish.

The Plans in which we recommend Businesses have include:

Business Plans

Understand where your business is going, what Goals you have set and wish to reach, understand the operations of your business, how you are going to be marketing your business etc.
Whilst it good to have a good documented plan, often having an action list of the items you want to achieve to reach your goals and help.

Financial Plans

Which is also called a Budget, a budget is important for business owners to understand when their expenses are due and what the cost of their expenses are, so they can ensure they understand when they need to earn income or have revenue in the bank to pay their expenses. Majority of companies do a Budget prior to each financial year although some like to do them prior to the start of the new calendar year.

Business Continuity Plans

These plans help you assess and identify any risks to your business, help you plan to minimise or eliminate any risks to your business or to understand how you are going to respond to any incidents should any of these risks occur.

Succession Plans

What are you going to do with the business, when you finish with the business e.g. hand it down to the family, sell It, plan for an employee to take over the Business etc. Succession plans are often something we don’t consider required until we want to exit the business, but having a plan in place can help you prepare the business for this.

Marketing Plans

A Marketing plan is important as it can help you understand when and how you are going to market your business to hopefully improve your cashflow, it can work within your financial plan, as at times you might increase marketing prior to any large expenses which may be occurring within your business or when you identify a short fall in revenue.