Gippsland Business Services

SGH Business offers small business mentoring/coaching and training services, to help business owners prepare for the future of running and growing their businesses. Through our Gippsland business services we work with you to analyze your business, assist you in finding your weaknesses and strengths, and help you through the setup of your business – once it’s registered and operational.

The Team at SGH Business Services is striving to be the Business Educational Specialists. Our Programs are tailored to a Business Owners requirement.

Since SGH Business Services commenced in 2012, as Business support, Business Mentoring Business, we have noticed the reason many use our services is because they don’t have the skills required to complete the tasks they want to complete at that time and to have someone there to talk to during their times of need.

We dont operate as most coaches/mentors do, we dont have a set program for you to follow over 8-12 weeks. We listen to your problems, concerns, issues and we ensure we have tailor the program to suit your individual requirements, which can help grown your confidence to operate your business. 

If you are looking at improving your skills as a Business owner, or improving your business operations, or just need  a sounding board for ideas, then contact the team and learn where they can assist you in acheiving your goals and dreams. 

We completed surveys, about accredited courses, and non-accredited courses, we found many said, they had only used 50% or less of their accredited courses information in their business life, and the accredited courses come at an expensive cost at times. Therefore, we have developed non-accredited courses where we can use similar information but choose a range of different modules. Although some industries do require accredited qualifications and we understand that.

In 2021, we have developed a couple of courses that we believe might suit many new business owners to learn about operating their business into the future, as we know it can be a stressful time operating a business. We are developing other courses during the year, to accommodate others, including professional development sessions for a range of industries.

If you or your workplace are looking at completing a course to help improve your business, please feel free to reach out to the team at SGH Business Services to discuss your requirements, as we may be able to provide the training for you. We may need a little notice to develop or source the course for you.

The benefit of completing our courses is you can access the mentoring of SGH Business Services during the course, and within our courses, there are no assignments, however, you can use the training within your business straight away, and SGH Business Service is here to support you through this. For example, if you do our Business Plan module, your assignment becomes writing your business plan for your business, and the team at SGH Business Services can help you through this process.


In 2022 and beyond our focus will be on training, the team at SGH Business Services will be still able to offer a mentoring service should business owners request it, we will also offer our other services as listed on the website, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

During our mentoring consultations we can ensure you have a relevant budget in place, a good business and operational plan to implement, we help you understand cashflow and the importance of understanding your cashflow. We also answer the questions you have in relation to running your business.

Remember the team at SGH Business Services are not your traditional business coaches/ mentors, we work in a holistic approach with your concerns.