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Terms and Conditions.

A packaged service will be invoiced monthly, there will be a 3-5 days allowed for payment, please check the invoice for the due date. Invoices will be raised late in previous month.

If the Payment is late the service will not continue until payment in made.

Hourly Meeting/work for will be charged with a 7 day account, and it is expected unless other arrangements are made all accounts will be settled within the 7 day limit.

Whilst it is preferred refunds will not be given, SGH Business will do its most to ensure Clients are satisfied with their work at all times.  We expect clients to discuss any issues with the work completed within the initial 7 days from date of invoice.

Management will work with clients to ensure all parties are satisfied should any disputes arise.

From time to time, SGH Business Services will rely on the clients to provide relevant information to ensure the work can be completed, please ensure the required information in provided at your earliest convenience, SGH Business Services is not liable for any work which is not completed by the agreed deadline if the client has not provided the relevant information in the timely manner.