Gippsland Business Services

SGH Business offers small business mentoring services, to help business owners prepare for the future of running and growing their business. Through our Gippsland business services we work with you to analyze your business, assist you in finding your weaknesses and strengths, and help you through the setup of your business – once it’s registered and operational.

At SGH Business we encourage Business owners and Businesses to be proactive rather than reactive. We take a holistic overview of your business to help guide you to success.

We support you, the business owner, in understanding your business, making improvements to your business, and setting up your business for growth and success into the future. We will ensure you have the knowledge and tools to operate and run your business and ensure you have or find the support and resources you need.

We are your Business Education Specialists, if we do not have the course you are after, we will take the time to write or source the course for you. 

Here are some examples of how SGH Business can help you:

  • Poor Cash Flow – We work with you to identify the issues, and then we work with you to implement procedures to correct the issues.
  • Business Risks – through supporting you to create a Business Continuity Plan for your Business, which can assist in identifying risks to your business, and ensuring you have an action plan to respond when such issues arise.
  • Lack of Confidence in Starting a Business – we can help improve your knowledge through supporting you to create a detailed business plan for the operation of your Business, which can help identify your ideal potential client to help improve your sales.
  • Staffing Issues, Poor Staff Performance – we can assist with preforming a training needs analysis for the Staff member to help prepare a training/professional development plan for the staff.

SGH Business can also assist with structuring a recruitment plan within the business, ensuring you have sufficient staff during your busy times, and ensuring your clients are satisfied with tasks completed on time.

No matter what the problem is, or the concerns you have, email SGH Business and arrange a discussion with their friendly staff.

We are here to help you grow and improve your business.