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I should thank William Siebler for the thought of this blogs topic, as it was after his post on facebook that got me thinking.

One of the things William mentioned was service providers being like Doctors, in people go to them for assistance with their medical problems, whereas here for Businesses it is like going for a medical issue which needs assistance. We have a problem with our Business we need to find help for it, and therefore service providers need to resolve a problem for the business owner.

However, although I know males are probably worse than females for seeking the doctor’s help, however we must learn all genders need help from time to time, and the earlier we get that help the better it will be.

For me personally, as someone who has had a couple of skin cancers in the past, I need to attend my doctor’s clinic for a skin check at least once a year, however, whilst this is being done we also do all the blood tests and other health checks as well.  Basically every January or February I make my appointment with my GP for these health checks to occur, as we believe in finding medical issues early they are easier to treat and can have the least effect on my body.

My recommendation to Business owners, is they treat their Business more like their health or the health of their family, something which needs to occur annually.

Although I am a mentor, I am not saying that everyone needs an on occurring service of a mentor every month, or coach, advisor, analyst, SEO consultant, or any other service provider, although it does help keep me in business when people do. However, I recommend that Business owners make time every year, to meet with a mentor, coach, advisor, analyst, or other service providers at least once during the year for a health check of your business.  During this time, you can discuss what has worked, what has not worked and where you can go in the future 12 months. They can assist you in being your sounding board each year and guiding you to the future, with something which you may have missed.

Any help we can get with our Businesses can only improve the growth and the operations of the business, and the experience of others who we may speak to from time to time can give us guidance on how Business, it might be more of what not to do rather than what to do, which saves you from making those mistakes.

The beauty about a 2-3 hour appointment each year, is you have time to think about the non urgent issues, what you want to do, and also budget for the consultation, and remember you can obtain quotes for the service prior to doing your planning and budgets so you know what costs you need to include in the budget and for when. It is something I offer my clients, and I have some who do take advantage of it, as they can’t all afford the ongoing fee every month.

Happy for members to comment on their thoughts of having a health check for their business.

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