Helping another Business.

We all know with our Facebook Business Pages, having the most likes is not always good for our business or does not help our business grow financially.

We all understand, we need to have people who want to follow our business, and have an interest in what we do, and who might become one of our clients either now or in the future, and therefore having only our potential clients liking our facebook is better for our business and means we are only advertising to our potential market and not wasting it on people not interested in our services/products.  In short, we want Quality likes over Quantity likes, e.g. people who see value in what we offer, rather than the most likes on Facebook.

Yet from time to time, we see people posting on Facebook, a business owner saying please like my page, and expecting people to like your page, without knowing anything about you or your business, therefore they become a quantity like and not a quality like, and therefore you may be targeting your posts to the wrong people. Or I see people posting in groups, asking people to list their facebook or other social media page links on Facebook, so people can like their pages, thus again ensuring people have people liking the page without knowing anything about their business, or being interested in their business.

Whilst I believe and understand by taking the above actions we are just trying to help other fellow Business owners, hoping to help them grow and improve their business, and unfortunately overall it is not helping a business owner, other than maybe increasing their facebook page likes, or LinkedIn or whichever platform it may be, however, does not mean it is increasing their revenue as these people are not buying from them.

I believe the best way you can help another business owner who you might meet in groups or other pages, is if you like the comments they make, or appreciate the comments they make on the group questions, they are participating well in the community forums etc, then maybe you can go to their facebook page and write a review on the page for them, reviews help Business owners to obtain clients.  Or if it is LinkedIn you can endorse them for a particular skill, although ensure it is something you have noticed them doing, rather than just endorsing or reviewing their page for the sake of it.

You can write the review/ endorsement carefully on what you have seen, noticed, or advice they have given you which you have found useful, it does not always mean that you have actually bought their product or paid for their service, sometimes a review on a free service is as important as a review on a paid service.

Hopefully, this helps business owners/ group members understand how they can better consider helping other small Business owners to grow their business. Next time you are in a group, have a look at some of the comments in which someone has posted, and see whether you believe they are good comments, or whether they actually could help the Original poster of the post to resolve a problem they are having, and if it does then maybe consider going to the person who answered the question facebook page and leaving a review, the more reviews the better for the business owner.

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