The Purpose of a website.

Thought as another business Owner, I would write about what I believe is a purpose of a website for a business, and please take into consideration I am not a website designer, developer, or experienced IT Person.

When as a Business owner we decide to have a website presence, we really need to consider and understand what purpose we are having a website for.

A couple of the purposes include the following,

  • Contact Page
  • Sales Page
  • Building our networks page.

What does this all mean when we come to considering a website,

Contact Page– this means we are basically giving someone a place where they can find our contact details, often with this we need to ensure the email contact link from the website is always working, but also we have the accurate information listed on the page, which includes Phone numbers, Postal address, email address, facebook/ social media links.

if we are only building a website for contact details, then the information on the website about the company etc, is more focused on ensuring our potential clients can contact us- also means we might be able to keep the website down to 2-3 pages- e.g. one with our services, one about the company, including licence compliance etc, and one on contact, although our contact details can be listed on every page.

Sales Page  – This sort of website is very important for an online shop, as we want to ensure when people come to your page they are buying something. So the information, formation of the site needs to ensure it is as easy as possible for a customer to be able to view your items, and then purchase something.  However, everything we place on this site makes it as easy as possible for your potential clients to know how you solve their problems, and or purchase items from your Business.

Building our networks – When we focus on this for our website, one of the main objectives of this is to ensure we obtain the person’s name, contact details, and maybe what are they interested in- e.g. a product or service that we offer, so when we send out our newsletters or blogs, we target the relevant information- product/service to that particular business. So within the first page, of our website, we might have a pop up which asks for their details, we might offer a free service/review of their business, we may have a free document or something in which they can download or receive on leaving their information. However, we may also include a link to our business on every page, which might have something about signing up to our newsletters to receive further information or to be kept up to date with our products/services.

The above lists 3 of the main reasons why a Business should consider a website, sometimes we may choose one of the above methods, due to our budget, however, if we understand the purpose for the website, we can then ensure we are building the website to what we want, and to ensure we get value out of the money we are spending, and get to value for our budget. if you don’t know why you are getting a website, then you could be wasting money on a website, which looks confusing, as there is no real purpose for your website, or it could be considered chunky as we just keep entering information, which serves no real purpose, other than to full pages..

If you are at the stage of getting your first web site, and unsure which suits you better, speak with your Mentor, Coach, Marketing adviser, or a  website developer/ designer to discuss which is better for your business…….

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