Website For Business #3

Website For Business #3

I am not 100% sure where the theory came from, that to be successful in Business you need to have a website, maybe the Website Developers themselves, came up with the idea, maybe the Business community, not sure, however somewhere it is helping someone make money or a good income. Although at times it may be more important for a Business offering either a product, or a service to other Business owners to have a website, more than a Business who offers a service to households.

I would say we all know a Business who is doing well, and very successful, without having a website, so guess it can be done, although the thing to remember is we all need a way for Consumers to be able to find out about a Business or at least a contact point.

My reason for writing this post, is to ensure Business owners consider their own options and also their own individual circumstances, before spending money on a website, if their Business will not benefit from the website, especially in the early days when the cash flow is limited.

Over recent weeks, I have been researching, and observing the way customers find their service providers, when looking at finding a service provider for their personal needs- e.g Electrician, Painter, Lawn mower/Gardener, Mechanic etc, although my research is based on Regional/Country areas, rather than Metropolitan Melbourne area.

What I noticed in my observations, is that the person looking for the service provider, will be lazy in their Google search therefore they wont check Google/ Yellow pages etc, to find a service in their local area. What they will do in turn to Facebook groups and ask the question, without even looking anywhere else.

It appears when they ask the question in their local Facebook Community Groups, what they are looking for is a recommendation or referral of a service provider from someone who has used a particular service in the past- whether it is a Gardener, Mechanic, Washing machine repair, Tradesperson etc.  This is suggesting they don’t always trust a testimonial listed on a company website, or on Google etc.

The amazing part, is they will accept a referral/ recommendation from someone in their local area, whether they know the person or not, it is based on a comment placed on a Facebook group page.   Another thing which concerns me, is when I see a recommendation based with the comment ” the best I have ever used” makes me wonder why have they tried so many to solve their problem, could it be more of a issue with the person trying to find the service Provider.

Therefore, often having a Facebook page with your contact details or at least a way to contact in which somebody recommending you on Facebook to share in the group, can be a beneficial tool, and a tool which does not cost you.

Personally I like to give everyone the opportunity to prove themselves, so I will try to meet with as many as possible in a short time, or at least have a short discussion with them either by phone or messenger/ Facebook, to make my own mind up on the service provider.

As a Small Business Mentor, who works with new Business owners, I would recommend you consider whether you need a website in the first year or not, but also consider where is the best place to spend your Marketing or Advertising dollar, in order to achieve success and a good consistent income. For example if a majority of your work will come from Facebook, rather than a website, then you need to consider the best way to promote your Business via Facebook, especially if your income is going to be mainly from the consumer in a household, rather than another Business operator.

If your work is coming from Facebook, then you need to allow regular time through out the day to check Facebook, and follow where your page or link Is posted in groups and ensure you take the time to respond to all persons looking for your service. However if you are a tradesperson and you agree to attend someone’s house at a certain time, please also ensure you either keep that appointment or you communicate with the potential client about your non attendance, unfortunately House Tradesperson  don’t have the best reputation for turning up on time to all appointments.

However, as another piece of advice, I would recommend you finding a way to monitor where your work is coming from to ensure you understand where your work is found, keeping a list of clients, and how they found your service is worthwhile, especially in the early stages, but also has your business increase, it helps you understand where to spend your marketing dollar.

The decision to have a website, is yours as the Business owner, no one else’s, please ensure you understand whether you need one or not, to do this, you need to understand where your clients will come from, how will they find you ?  All of this should be part of your Market research as part of your business plan.

Good luck with your business.

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