New Year 2019.

Firstly, Happy New Year to all my readers, let us hope 2019 is better than 2018 and our Businesses continue to grow, thank you to all who have supported me during the year.

Probably like many in recent weeks, I have been looking at my goals, aims for 2018, etc, and ticking off what I have and have not achieved, and looking at whether they are still relevant for me to consider implementing in 2019.

I was sitting there this week wondering if I should do a New Year Resolution for myself or not, and after many arguments/debates with myself I decided not to, as often the majority of people who set these, don’t actually follow them and therefore they are not completed, however, I did decide to try and help more businesses in 2019, to ensure their business grows, which can hopefully ensure other Business owners can start employing staff, and therefore helping the Nation’s unemployment rate which can help everyone.

Some of you may remember an earlier blog I wrote about helping other business owners, especially those who contribute to Facebook groups, etc, for example, if you appreciate the advice, the information they provide to one of your posts/questions, then maybe consider going to their Facebook page and writing some sort of review/testimonial, remember you don’t have to pay someone for a service to be able to write the review, just needs to be written in a way which does not suggest you paid for their service, I am hoping other Business owners consider doing this in 2019, it is only a small thing, however, it can help a small business in such a big way.

I want to thank the following people, who have helped my business this year, whether it has been in a financial way, or in a way which has helped me understand more about their industry, and therefore with this information, I can better guide my clients to understand a few things better about running a business.

Tim Allan- from Insurance Advisernet Australia- has really helped me better understand the insurance industry, and the types of insurances available out there for the different industries, it is great that Tim is really to share his wealth of knowledge about the insurance industry.

Malcolm Wells- Hyde Cooper Wells Accountants and Andy Rosenberg – Elias Rosenberg Pty Ltd- both have helped me understand Accountants better, the financial aspect of business operations, different company structures, they have both been a great avenue for me to ask questions of whenever I have needed to know something to help one of my clients.

Paul Warren- Insightful- has helped me understand the website world, his tips, and generosity to provide people with reviews of websites, etc, his comments/feedback has helped me learn a lot about the industry- I would suggest anyone who believes their website can do better, is to spend an hour or two with Paul who can consult with you about improvements with your website.

William Siebler – SEO Melbourne- is always helping me understand Marketing when it comes to websites, Facebook ads, etc, William has done a coaching program in this area with a 6-week challenge, and I believe everyone who attended the program all learned a lot on how to improve their business.

Mary Horsfield who with her wealth of knowledge in different areas has been a go-to of mine for a few years now, and it is appreciated to be able to find information or resources in which I might need from time to time.

Christine Smith from Recipe 4 Change, has helped me learn more about the Not For Profit sector, the training sector, and being able to train people new skills, etc, and also the Hospitality industry a little better.

All the people above are the main ones who have assisted me in learning more about business and the different industries, so I can better help my clients and I am sure my clients have appreciated the resources I have been able to build over the years as these people are good resources for me as a Business Mentor.

But, I am sure there have been others who have helped me in a slightly smaller way than the people mentioned above, and everyone who contributes to the discussions in the groups is a valuable resource.

However, still, like previous years, it concerns me that people are willing to take advice from just anyone in the group, and then trying to implement, all I can suggest is please ensure those giving the advice are either currently in or from the industry or who can answer the respective question, there is nothing worse than taking the wrong advice which does not help your business, and then after it all, you then have to be able to try and fix what has been done, which is not always easy, or cheap to do so.

Another tip I would like to start the new year with is please try and be a proactive business owner and not a reactive Business owner, e.g. don’t wait until there is a problem identified before getting help, sit down with a mentor- paid or not and discuss some of the business operations and processes and you never know someone might suggest something now which can help you in the future, preventing an issue occurring.

Best of luck with your business in 2019, and hope everyone has successful business growth in 2019.

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