Customer Service 3.

Customer Service is important in any business, however, is it as important in 2024, as it was in 1995, or are people just loyal to their supplier base and not too worried about whether they get good customer service or not?

With some recent car troubles prior to a long weekend, I was without a car for several days, as auto repairs said they could not look at the car until after the longweekend, which got me thinking about previous car issues, and have had auto repairs go out of their way to get someone’s car repaired and back on the road before the long weekend.

You would think in 2024, auto repairs would expect a influx of repair work prior to a long weekend, and consider saving free time slots for the emergency repair jobs, if they are no longer prepared or available to work over time to help thier customers.

Whilst in the majority of areas, there are multiple auto repair workshops, which can help with vehicles, therefore you would think repair shops would go out of thier way to help a customer.

Or is it more the fact, there are sufficient trades people available these days, with people claiming they are short staffed, allowing for auto repairs to be less customer focus the issue, as they know they will always have work on in the area. With auto repairs will there be not enough cars for these people to work on, although could we be heading down this time when it comes to electric vehicles, where their requirements for repairs could be reduced over time, especially in the their initial few years of being on the road.

Think in the security industry, we see clients who arent always getting the service they are paying for, or expecting, and even though at times the business owners are informed of this, they are still not interested in taking the time to go down the path of finding a new security provider, is it really that time consuming, or do they think all companies will be the same, and therefore the industry needs to do more to improve their reputuation.

Whilst, as a small business owner in competive fields as most are now, we appreciate our loyal, faithful customers who either remain with us, over a reasonable time frame, or they keep coming back to our business, when they need their next project completed, we have to relise this is not always going to be the case, eventually they are going to say- time to try someone new, or this business can no longer do what we need or grow with us, with this in mind we need to always keep advertising and marketing our business services to ensure we are attracting new clients, but also working harder to ensure our current customers are satisfied with the work you are doing, and the money they are paying.

Question for business owners- how often do you survey your clients? how often do you check in with your clients to see how things are going? are they happy with what is happening.

Time to re-evaluate what you are doing.

2024 is your year, you just need to work on it, to ensure it is.