Introduction to Business Plans

Business Plans are initially required for when you start a business, they can be used every year- a financial year or calendar year, or anytime you want to apply for business finance or finding an investor for the growth of your business.

When we do an initial business plan, we need to complete the overall plan, but components of the plan will include a marketing plan, and a budget is also known as a financial plan also known as a budget.

In this course, you will learn about a succession plan, this is something most business owners don’t want to know about, as it is thinking about what are you going to do with the business once you have finished with it, this may include retirement.

You will learn how to develop a Business Continuity Plan which requires a business to assess their risks, mitigate or eliminate their risks through a plan to understand how they will respond should any of them occur. Unfortunately, many businesses did not include a health pandemic in their Business Continuity Plan.

In this course, you will learn about the recruitment process, as when your business grows and you need to consider recruiting new staff, you need a basic understanding of the process and how this all works, however it also allows businesses to assess their staff levels against in predicted increased workload to ensure they have sufficient staff.