Introduction to starting a business.



This course was developed after observing questions in Facebook groups and people were unsure on items to consider when they wanted to start a business. Owners were surveyed about the information they wish they were told prior to starting their business.

Completing this course will help business owners better understand the planning phase, preparing budgets.

By completing this course participants will learn more about the following areas,

  • The process of starting a business
  • Resources available and where to find them.
  • SWOT – meaning of Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat analysis of your business
  • Writing a business plan
  • What assistance there is for business owners
  • Insurance – what sort of insurance should a business consider
  • Market research and marketing
  • Budgets and financial plans- it is important to understand your financials.

The team at SGH Business will be available for you should you have concerns after completing this course, or basic assistance you require for completing this course and preparing you for success, please don’t hesitate to email to help you better understand the course if you need to.

SGH Business is all about helping business owners succeed in their first 3-5 years of being in business.