End of 2022 Another year gone.

As we approach the end of another year 2022, which seems to have again gone very quickly and the end of the year has probably come up reasonably quickly.

I will take this opportunity to wish all my readers and followers, clients, etc a Merry Christmas, and best wishes for 2023, Or for whatever you celebrate this time of the year, Happy Holidays, hope you remain safe, and all get to enjoy time with family and friends.  Rest up and be prepared for 2023 to be a bigger year for your businesses than 2022.


I want to thank this time, to thank some of the businesses who have helped me during 2022 including the following,

  • Picton Parrot Designs – Stef has been wondering about my website maintenance.
  • Cash Copy – William has been great with support and copywriting services.
  • Lora Moulton Virtual Assistant- Her assistance with my newsletters
  • Y cook by Christine – Christine Smith – always there to keep me on track
  • Your Tax Guy – Darren Veerapa – Always available for our quarterly chats and catch ups
  • VeirMal Consulting who have come on board towards the end of 2022 and provide valuable information for my newsletters.


To my clients, I thank you for allowing SGH Business Service to help improve your own knowledge and the operations of your business, whether it has been with,

  • Reviewing your Policy and Procedures
  • Cashflow issues
  • Mentoring and education
  • Improve the layout of your retail space
  • Business plan reviews and documenting
  • Business Continuity Plan reviews
  • Training Assessment Strategy Industry consultation
  • Review your evacuation plan and test your systems.

Whatever service you have received from SGH Business Services, I thank you for allowing me to be your service provider and I look forward to our continued working together in the future.


Whilst in 2023 and the future, I will still be offering a Mentoring/ Coaching Service, however, will also be moving more to the  Training and Education aspect for Business owners and Staff, I will be working with a range of consultants, to better improve the service I provide, so now is the time to consider your training plans for 2023, and let me know what training you are planning and I will let you know how I can assist you.


Stay safe during the festive period, and thank you for your support this year I look forward to working together in 2023 and the future.