Refer or Not

Whilst meeting with a couple of clients this morning in a group Mentoring session, I was asked about whether someone should keep referring work to another Business, despite that business never referring work back to their referrer.

This one is a difficult one for me to answer, as I know within most Business groups I refer or tag names in the relevant industry so people know where to go for help. However for me, it is not as much about getting work back as such, however, it is more about helping the Business owner asking the question and ensuring they get the help they need.

So before referring any work to anyone, I believe you need to work out what is the purpose of you referring work to someone, is it only to get referrals back, or is to help someone out of your generosity as such.

I know at times, I have been tempted to stop tagging people, as they don’t tag me, or refer to work back to me, but then I stop and think who does this really affect? As i discussed with my mentees for me, it is about helping others, whether there is always a financial return or not, and the only times I have stopped referring work to someone is in the following circumstances,

  1. I have heard from people, that they are not professional, good at what they offer to do, therefore not being able to do what is required
  2. When they have Bled me for free information, and then have mentioned on facebook or in other forms of Social media, that they have bought the services from someone else, without giving me the ability to quote or anything.

There could be a reason why someone does not refer work to you, which could include,

  • They don’t have confidence in what you do
  • You have not convinced them about what you do
  • They may have a paying client which offers the service in which you do
  • They don’t meet with clients who can use the level of services that you offer.
  • Do they have all your contact details?

I believe if you are concerned about why this is occurring, is maybe try and meet with the people who you believe should be referring to you, and ask them why do you not refer anyone to me, and this might give you some insight on what you need to do to rectify the issue. The important aspect is not to take it personally, that they are not referring work to you, and it might be something simple.

Hopefully, this blog gives you something to consider, especially if you one of those people who are referring a lot of work to others, but not getting a lot in return from any of those people you are referring others to.

Good luck.

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