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Often as business owners or even in the residential setting, we think of security and think if we put in an Alarm system and/or a camera/ CCTV system then our security issues should be solved and nothing will ever happen.

As a Licensed Security Advisor in Victoria Lic 81898361S, I can tell you this is only part of the solution for your security requirements.  Therefore it is better to pay for a full security assessment of your premises.


In the majority of the cases, a CCTV system won’t stop someone from breaking into your premises, at times people will put masks on so their faces will be covered. The majority of the Cameras don’t come with an alarm or any other warning device which sounds an alarm to tell you anyone has broken in, which will scare people off, other than if you can watch the vision on your phone, you might get a notification to your phone of movement at your site, it will take most ppl 15-20 minutes to get to their office, however, there come other safety concerns with this, although you can often ring Police whilst you are on your way.

Often cameras can be useful when it comes to identifying something about the offenders which can assist in apprehending someone after the incident has occurred.

An Alarm System/ Security System

A Security system was once seen as a deterrent, e.g. they would see someone with a security system and move onto the next place, however these days that is not so much the case. Whilst at times, the noise of the Alarm system may scare an alleged offender off, and therefore prevent something from being stolen, often they will continue what they are doing, knowing they have several minutes before anyone arrives on average, and they can steal a lot in that time, so often an Alarm System becomes something which notifies us of the time something occurred, which can help with the investigation after the break-in.


Whilst an alarm system may scare someone off once they have broken in, it is often not as much about what is stolen from the property, it is often more the damage that occurs at the time, and often it is the damage that costs more to replace than the actual items stolen.

Other things we want to consider, include,

  • Windows- which can be broken
  • Locks- what sort of locks do we have on the building?
  • Bricks/pavers- do we have any lost ones laying around the property?
  • Garden- how clear is the Garden?
  • What is the lighting like? do we need sensor lights?
  • Computers etc, how close are valuable items to the windows/entry points?

SO there are a few things which need to be considered before installing an alarm system or CCTV, like anything you need a full security assessment to understand what is required to better protect your premises- it is not just one thing which will solve all your security-related issues.

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