Protecting Your Business Part 1

Protecting your Business- Part 1.   I wonder what your initial thought was when you read the Heading?  So many issues may occur with any business, that there is a variety of methods required to protect your business. Whilst, in this Blog, I am mainly thinking about commercial premises, where someone leases or owns a […]

Staff Induction.

Staff Inductions are vital to any Business owner, and should be completed every time a person is employed. Inductions can be reviewed over 2-3 years and should be re completed if employees continue to work for you. Business owners, especially Small to Medium businesses, who don’t have the Human resource/ People and Culture departments, often […]

Business Risks 3

ecently, ( Oct 2018) I asked a question in the Business Group of Australia, about ” what do people see as their biggest business risk at present ” I was glad to see that no one classed themselves as the biggest risk for their Business. Although there were some interesting answers, including the following Hit […]

Event Planning 1

Today, I thought I would look at the event Planning industry, and a couple of items they need to be thinking of, especially in light of the risk management area of their event planning. Some of these processes are what the Emergency Services, Security Service providers, Event Health/ First Aid Service providers consider prior to […]

Services available to a business owner.

Support in which a Business Owner should consider. So in recent weeks, months or years you have or you are thinking of starting a Business, what sort of help should you consider finding, is included here, and some of the help may be the difference between success and failure in your Business, depending on your […]