BUDGETING. No matter the size of any Business/Company, cash flow management is an important part of the operations of the business, especially when in the starting phase. One aspect, which assists this, is ensuring you are sending out your invoices as soon as possible after the job/sale is complete and in line with your policies. […]

Tips for a new Business Owner.

Whilst this blog will assist new owners, I believe existing business owners may benefit from the blog, depending on what stage your business is at, remembering SGH Business works with businesses who have been in operation 1-5 years. I want to suggest to business owners that during their business times, they consider becoming a Proactive […]

Creating Business Systems.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have noted several business owners talking about developing systems for their Business, often considering methods in which they can implement to save them time in their Business.   Believe it or not, systems can be Automated, e.g. using technology, apps, programs etc, or they can actually still be […]

Increasing your prices.

After hearing in recent days, about the Banks plans to increase their interest rates, on Mortgages etc, which indicated that they would rise in the next few weeks, it got me thinking about is there a right time to increase prices. Aside from the fact they are already making a huge profit each year, I […]

Security Industry

SECURITY INDUSTRY On a regular basis, within this and other security groups, I see people complaining about the security industry and how the industry needs improvement. As someone who started in the industry in the early 90’s, and yes there are many security officers who have been in the industry longer than me, I believe […]

Website For Business #3

Website For Business #3 I am not 100% sure where the theory came from, that to be successful in Business you need to have a website, maybe the Website Developers themselves, came up with the idea, maybe the Business community, not sure, however somewhere it is helping someone make money or a good income. Although […]